About Us - The Friends of Havering Museum



The Friends Of Havering Museum are pleased to welcome you to our web site. The Friends were formed by a group of like minded individuals who thought Havering ought to have a Museum to celebrate its history and culture.

It has not been easy, but with help along the way the Museum was founded and what you see is the culmination of ten years of hard work and at times what appeared to be a never ending struggle.

The Museum has its own Board of directors. The role of the Friends is now that of Grandparents. We love our Grandchild dearly. But we don't interfere with its growing up. And we love to have fun and enjoy the successes.

So how do we support the Museum. Our aims are to :-

  •     Stimulate interest in the Museum
  •     Act as a voice of support and encouragement
  •     Purchase items for the Museum
  •     Sponsor exhibitions and other Museum activities

    Follow the links on this page and see some of the things we do. If you want further information about the Friends of Havering Museum, and how to join, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you.