Bus Trip into the past

On Sunday 1st July 2012 at the North Weald Bus Rally I saw a 1939 AEC London Transport RT8 Bus index FXT 183, destination Trafalgar Square.

As soon as I boarded the bus I felt it was taking me back 67 years to Trafalgar Square just after V.E. Day 8th of May, 1945. I was living with my parents Philemon and Ethel Lloyd at 90 Rogers Road, Dagenham and I was about 18 months old when the war was declared 3rd September, 1939. Because my father was called up to the Army 20th June, 1940 and my mother was a dress maker, I was ‘evacuated’ to my grandparents James and Ethel Grant at 204 Reede Road, Dagenham, about half a mile from my home address.


I clearly remember shortly after V.E. Day being declared my Mother taking me to London including Trafalgar Square, where I saw V1 and V2 rockets displayed. I also saw a captured U Boat submarine in the Thames which after a long queue I clambered aboard with my Mother. There were such wonderful celebrations that the war was over.


I had my photograph taken at the same time in Trafalgar Square to be sent to my father who was now serving in Germany. 

Ronald Lloyd

July 2012