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Havering Museum - Romford                 http://www.haveringmuseum.org.uk/

No comments are required about this excellent Museum

Tithe Barn Upminster                              www.upminstertithebarn.co.uk

The 15th century Barn is a nostalga trip where you will find something to bring memories back.

Windmill, Upminster                                www.upminsterwindmill.co.uk/

An icon for the borough


Havering Arts Council                             www.haveringartscouncil.org.uk

Friends of Havering Museum are Members of havering Arts Council, Registered Charity No. 248171 

Valence House, Dagenham                  http://www.lbbd.gov.uk/MuseumsAndHeritage/ValenceHouseMuseum/Pages/Home.aspx

This Museum contains lots about Barking and Dagenham

Havering and East London Ramblers     http://www.haveringeastlondonramblers.btck.co.uk/Home

Details of regular walks in Essex Kent and London